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Organic dairy

Organic dairy

The village dairy Prad starts under the management of da – the citizens' cooperative and becomes a project supported by citizens. We think that this valuable structure and the related competence in the region is important, that it creates high-quality jobs and that it gives committed farmers a perspective for the future. In the future, high-quality organic goat cheese will be produced in the Prad village dairy.

With an advance sale we are collecting the necessary capital to be able to start the operation.
If you are convinced of the meaningfulness of small local cycles, appreciate good, natural, organic products and are willing to place your trust in us, we invite you to purchase cheese made from the best organic goat hay milk in advance.

Advance purchase:
With an amount of Euro 200 you will receive 33 vouchers. 
With each voucher you will receive 200 gr. of organic goat's cheese from the Upper Vinschgau Valley. 
Of course you can also participate with a multiple.
Since the Upper Vinschgau Citizens' Cooperative sells high-quality products for various farmers in the region, we offer that you can also use the vouchers to purchase other organic products from the Citizens' Cooperative such as eggs, fruit, vegetables, berries or grain.
In addition, the vouchers can be redeemed at the Hotel Greif in the pedestrian zone of Mals.

Contact us directly to purchase vouchers right now:
or by calling +39 340 5 468 830 (Michael Hofer, project manager of the organic village dairy).

More information about the project: Bio-Dorfsennerei*