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new book: The Malser Weg

The local movement “Der Malser Weg” is committed in a unique way to democratic and diverse regional development in Upper Vinschgau. As a result, Mals has become a role model for many communities in Europe striving for pesticide-free land use. But the road to a sustainable future is long and full of hurdles. It will only succeed if many people help. Therefore, in this book we would like to share the experiences and strategies of the people of Mals and motivate them to become active.

Published by the University of Kassel

Author: Carolin Holtkamp studied “B.A. Cultural Economy” and “M.A. Sustainable Economy” at the Universities of Passau and Kassel. Since 2017, she has been working as a university assistant and project collaborator in the research group for agricultural and regional sociology at the University of Innsbruck. Within this framework, she is writing her dissertation on civil society transformation strategies of local agricultural and food systems towards food sovereignty. Her case study is the social movement, Der Malser Weg, in South Tyrol.

You are welcome to order your copy from us.
The best way is to send an email to: “info@da.bz.it”

Buch Malser Weg