The areas of action and projects of da - the Upper Vinschgau Citizens' Cooperative

Forestry and agriculture sector

Promotion, elaboration and management of projects to set new accents in the organic cultivation of plants or husbandry of animals of all kinds;
Support for the conversion to sustainable, organic farming methods;
Promotion, organisation, distribution and trade of agricultural and forestry products of all kinds.


Creation of networks among different actors;
Development and sponsorship of new ideas and services.

Trade and service

Distribution, trade and marketing of own and purchased products of all kinds.

Tourism and hospitality

Promotion, organisation and management of projects, initiatives and services of any kind to promote sustainable tourism' and corresponding tourism structures.

Culture and education

Promotion, organisation and management of education and training initiatives and services of all kinds;
Promotion, organisation and management of events, seminars, workshops, stages, initiatives of any kind, especially in the field of “Green Event”;
any activity in the media and publishing sector.

Forschung und Innovation

Beratungstätigkeit und Inkubator für Ideen und Projekte mit Bezug zum Territorium.

Regional development and landscape

Sustainable use and management of common property;
Spatial planning and revitalisation of village centres;
introduction and management of a regional currency.

Social area

Projects and measures to promote social cohesion and to overcome problem situations of the population of Upper Vinschgau, especially in the areas of work and housing.

Our projects

The activities that the citizens' cooperative launches and the activities that it takes on are based on the following premises:

  • Cooperation instead of competition: The citizens' cooperative does not start activities in an area that is already competently carried out by another company or initiative group from the region. It supports these enterprises. New entrepreneurial initiatives are largely started in cooperation with local actors.
  • Potentials and endogenous resources: The initiatives of the citizens' cooperative are oriented towards the strengths of the region, the potentials and resources on site. This includes the local people.
  • Resilience: In its activities, the cooperative is oriented towards increasing the diversity and thus the resilience of the region. A region that has several pillars is more resilient to crises.
  • Regional cycles: This resistance to crises also includes strengthening regional cycles. Since peripheral areas are not only affected by the migration of people, but also by the migration of value added, it is important to counteract this development with lively regional cycles. These can keep the added value in the region.
  • Cooperation of the public sector: Especially the peripheral areas are confronted with the fact that formerly public services are being cut back and the public administration is no longer able to guarantee all services. The citizens' cooperative also sees it as its task to ensure that local services remain intact. Consequently, many activities are also carried out in cooperation with public services.

It is a central concern of the citizens' cooperative to create new and high-quality jobs in the region.

hier und danach 2020


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Organic dairy


High-quality organic goat's cheese is produced in the Prad village dairy under the management of da.

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Markets in the Upper Vinschgau Valley


The citizens' cooperative organises the Mals markets in cooperation with the municipality of Mals and the Upper Vinschgau holiday region.

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Farmers' market and community stand


Every Wednesday morning from the beginning of June until the end of October, the farmers' market takes place in the pedestrian zone of Mals. There you will find our community stand.

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Guided tours in the Upper Vinschgau

Führungen Obervinschgau

Culture and landscape hikes

From now on we offer guided tours in the Upper Vinschgau for all those interested in landscape and agriculture. With hikes and farm visits.

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Cinema in the barn

StodlKino TheresaT Sockerhof Mals im Obervinschgau

We are showing films about agriculture and the good life for the second time. In summer and autumn 2020. At the Sockerhof in Mals, at 8.15 pm.

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Food shop


In September and October there is our food shop “da”, a pop-up store in Glurns. In the Lauben, next to the tea salon.

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Summer festival

Sommerfest 2019

Art and cinema - dance and music

On 10 August 2019, we celebrated our summer festival under the sign of freedom, self-determination and tolerance.

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Feasibility organic valley Matsch

Talschluss Matsch, Karin Thöni

The project “Feasibility organic valley Matsch” was launched in 2017 as part of the participatory budget of the municipality of Mals. The aim of the project is to sound out, together with the entire population of the Municipality of Mals, the extent to which the implementation of a “organic valley” is feasible, sensible and desirable.

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Upper Vinschgau currency


Regional money strengthens regional cycles and increases the quality of life.
The aim of the regional money for the Upper Vinschgau is to promote regional economic cycles, to keep money in the region and to strengthen the relationship between consumers and the economy. The Upper Vinschgau regional money does not replace the euro, it complements it. This prevents the outflow of capital from the rural regions to the centres. With the regional money, citizens and entrepreneurs can jointly shape and preserve our local supply and jobs and apprenticeships.

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Day of the butterflies at Mals


Day of the butterflys 2016
15th International Symposium on Zygaenidae
at Mals Vinschgau
September 2016

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Easter nests

Easter bunny and good thoughts overcome all barriers ...

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neues Buch: der Malser Weg

Buch Malser Weg

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