hier und danach

hier und danach 2020


The Festival for Regional Development
in the Upper Vinschgau, from 2 to 4 October 2020.

A project of the Upper Vinschgau Citizens' Cooperative in collaboration with the University of Bolzano, Faculty of Design.

The experiences of the last six months have shown us how vulnerable our social coexistence is and that our currently prevailing way of doing business provokes multiple crises. This event poses questions about the crisis resistance of the Upper Vinschgau and considers what possible futures could look like that would make our region more resilient.

Examples and impulses will serve as stimuli for discussion.
This in a landscape and in places which are themselves examples of this future.

The programme hier und danach 2020 : download


The programme

Friday - Kulturhaus Schluderns
7.30 p.m. - 11 p.m.

  • Cinema evening: “Zeit für Utopien”

Round table discussion with Petra Wähning, co-director Time for Utopias.

Petra Wähning holds a degree in sociology (LMU) and has many years of experience in market research and marketing consulting, media and communication. To this end, she advises companies and farmers. Since 2014, she has been supporting rural development projects in Bavaria, primarily the eco-model regions.

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Petra Wähnig
  • Music with David Frank
    David Frank released his debut album “Amazia” in October. Amazia is a cross-border music project involving musicians from North and South Tyrol. Perin also brings a CD called “Life Metronome”, which revolves around the theme of life and rhythm.

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10 a.m.

  • Impulse on the social situation with Petra Wähning and Alexander Agethle.

Alexander Agethle studied agriculture in Florence and runs a small organic farm with a cheese dairy. Initiator of various projects on sustainable agriculture and regional cycles.

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Alexander Agethle

10.20 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Start: Kulturhaus Schluderns

Cost for a cultural walk incl. lunch: 25€.

  • Regional Economy with Borders
    Guests: Petra Wähning, Alexander Agethle
  • Tourism afterwards
    Guests: Kurt Sagmeister (IDM South Tyrol), Ortler Fred (Flurin) and Peter Grassl (Vinterra)
    Hike: Schluderns, Glurns, Tartscher Bichl, Mals
    Impulses for tourism in times of crisis in the Upper Vinschgau. What are the prospects and potentials of tourism in Upper Vinschgau? Where are the challenges and how can it be embedded in the overall social structure?
  • Regional craftsmanship
    Guests: Werner Schönthaler (entrepreneur and farmer), Norbert Lantschner (expert on climate change and sustainable building. book author), Daniel Boschung (ETH Zurich)
    Host: Werner
    Hike: Eyrs, Tschengls
    The last six months have shown us the vulnerability and dependence of our society. Regional cycles are becoming more important for dealing with the social challenges still to come. This also applies to the artisanal sector. What resources do we have in the Upper Vinschgau and what potential still exists? This is shown by the example of hemp.

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Norbert Lantschner, Daniel Boschung
  • Futures: Utopia South Tyrol, Utopia Upper Vinschgau.

Short film: Future terre alpine, Lisa Zellner and Federico Bertacchini FUTURE TERRE ALPINE visualises new sustainable and enduring landscapes of the Alpine region 2030.
Using concrete examples of urban and rural change, a possible future is presented.
Through an animated film, new sustainable ways of living become tangible. Immersion in positive future scenarios encourages commitment to eco-social change, full of solidarity, connectedness and hope.

Federico Bertacchini and Lisa Zellner are the founders of FUTURE TERRE ALPINE.
Two eco-social designers who work and live in Bolzano, South Tyrol.
South Tyrol is an area with unique geological and natural characteristics,
which offers an exciting space for possible future developments.
This has supported our two research projects in the field of biodiversity.
The loss of biodiversity has been analysed and considered from different facets in our research. Federico approached this topic with a focus on the decline of pollinators (wild bees), while Lisa approached it from the side of integrated apple production. The deeper we dived into our areas, the more meaningful our information became and the more we were able to connect. FUTURE TERRE ALPINE is thus a common concrete way of thinking ahead, a common way of setting out to reclaim and celebrate biodiversity.

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Federico Bertacchini, Lisa Zellner

Repair the world
10.30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • *Beeswax cloths handmade
    Instructors: Camilla Carioli, Anna Folie
    Location: Sockerhof

Till it falls off my back
Tailoring, all day
Instructors: Claudia Folie, Gertrud Veith, Evi Pitscheider, Melanie Perkmann
Location: Sockerhof

  • *Repair Cafe
    Instructors: Michael Pritzi and other craftsmen
    Location: Sockerhof

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Repair Cafe

Kulturhaus Schluderns - 8 p.m.

  • David Frank and Marc Perin

*blues meets alpine folk
David Frank doesn't play commonplace music but local music that can be heard all over the world. His compositions with the Styrian harmonica range from folk music to blues, jazz and folk. Together with Marc Perin, whose style moves between classical fingerstyle and percussive guitar playing, the two artists try to share their musical visions and transport them to the outside world.

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Marc Perin, David Frank
  • Krempelz

South Tyrolean songwriting at its best: The songs of the band Krempelz, founded in 2015 as a platform with a changing line-up, are sometimes lively, sometimes melancholic – but always dense, atmospheric and intense.
This time as a trio with:
Matthias Prieth: voice, guitar and trombone
Ariel Trettl: voice, guitar
Kalle Felderer: Styrian harmonica

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danach – Yesterday's reflections for tomorrow.
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

  • Results from the “beyond crisis” event at the University of Bolzano, Faculty of Design
  • impulses from yesterday's cultural walks
  • Future Pact South Tyrol
    11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
  • Steps for tomorrow
    During a tour we will exchange ideas about necessary next steps, about new cooperations, about motivations that have arisen and about how we want to shape the world of tomorrow. Accompanied by speakers from the previous day.
    Start at the Kulturhaus Mals
  • Toolkit for Designing Actions in Times of Multiple Crises
    Alastair Luke and Secil Ugur Yavuz from the Free University of Bolzano, Faculty of Design
    at the Kulturhaus Mals

Toolkit für Designing Actions

2 p.m. Cosy final soup at the Kulturhaus Schluderns

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