da - the Upper Vinschgau Citizens' Cooperative

The idea

The motivation of the founders of the cooperative lay in their common endeavour to shape a sustainable future for the Upper Vinschgau region. Peripheral rural areas are at a disadvantage compared to the centres in today's social development. For this reason, it is important to take a different direction. Not to continue developing efficiency, competition and consumption strategies, but to build on resilience, cooperation and diversity. The initiators are united by the common will to create a sustainable region and to solve local needs and difficulties. The cooperative builds on the people and resources of the region, strengthens local cycles and social cohesion.

Our goals

The goal of the Upper Vinschgau Citizens' Cooperative is an ecologically and economically sustainable development of the Upper Vinschgau. The cooperative is supported by individuals, initiatives and companies that rely on the diverse potentials and resources of the valley. To strengthen regional cycles and local added value.

To achieve our goals, the cooperative acts as a hub, offers advice, promotes networks, supports initiatives and implements its own ideas and services.

da - the Upper Vinschgau Citizens' Cooperative

A non-profit cooperative. Members are citizens and entrepreneurs of the Upper Vinschgau who want to contribute together to the ecological and sustainable economic development of the Upper Vinschgau.

Founded on 29 February 2016

The cooperative consists of:
The members, who are the basis of the cooperative and reflect the diversity of the region and the support from outside it. They all have in common the interest in a sustainable development of the Upper Vinschgau.

The Supervisory Board, which is made up of the following persons:
Jürgen Wallnöfer (Chairman) – Architect
Carmen Zwick (Deputy) – Auditor
Johannes Fragner Unterpertinger – Pharmacist
Peter Gasser – veterinary surgeon
Ulrich Platzer – Bank employee

The Board of Directors, which includes:
Elisabeth Prugger (Chairwoman) – Landscape planner
Michael Hofer (Deputy) – Economist
Martina Schäfer – Specialised agriculturist in artisanal dairy processing and master dairy technologist